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April 2024

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November 2023

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Spring 2022

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Winter 2021

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Summer 2021

Nahimana’s News

November 2020

School Uniforms

Starting the 2020-2021 academic year with new uniforms.


Challenging situations that are heartbreaking.

The Bike

Small gesture make a world of difference.


The joys … how I hate Paperwork!

Nahimana’s News

June 2020

Parent Teacher Interviews

Always on call!


Boyz to Men!! Some of the boys developing into fine young men.

Honda Wetsuit

I don’t believe it! Honda getting sunburnt .. .and the solution.


Problems with living in Africa and no wonderful NHS to rely on!

Introducing Mugisha and Mussa

Two of the young people you are helping to support.

Start the Week

Planning for the week ahead.

Christmas 2019

Celebrating Christmas in Burundi!

Stupid Drones

Family reunion delayed due to stupid actions of drone operator.

Nahimana’s News

November 2019

Start the Day

Keeping fit so we can do the work!