When children are given the chance to receive an education, they make the most of this opportunity

Why Education?

We know from experience that providing young people with education, clothes, food and the support they need to be able to succeed, transforms their lives. Evidence shows that when children are given the opportunity to receive an education and are supported by RoH, they make the most of this opportunity to become hard-working, productive members of society. To date, 7 young men supported by RoH have completed their degrees and have gone on to start careers in their chosen fields. 30 young people have completed their secondary education – these are young people who are the first in their families to study beyond Year 6 in Primary School. Experience over past years shows that, given the opportunity and necessary support, the vast majority of young people in Burundi want to work hard and do their best.

RoH provides education opportunities to 150 children and young people in over 35 different schools situated in Bujumbura, Gitega, Bubanza and also Uvira in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Each child is supported with ….

•          School fees
•          School books, text books, stationery etc
•          2 School uniforms and shoes
•          Sports kit and trainers
•          School bag
•          Transport costs, where required.